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Trial Readiness - Updates from 7/23

Several items for the upcoming trial were reviewed in Friday’s trial readiness conference. Highlights are listed below.

Any remaining items will be discussed during the next trial readiness conference that will take place at the Butte County Superior Court, located at 1 Court St, Oroville, CA 95965, on August 13 at 8:30 a.m.

At the August 13 hearing it will be confirmed for certain if the trial will begin on August 16.

Addison was not present today. She is required to be present on August 13.

Estimated Trial Timing

  • August 16 for the start of the jury selection, which is likely to take 2-3 days.

  • The judge expects trial proceedings with evidence to start on August 19 at the earliest.

  • Length of the trial is likely to be about two weeks.


  • The People have 28 witnesses to call

  • It was confirmed that the People could call the pathologist, with the instruction testimony focus specifically on injury specifics

  • The Defense has 2 witnesses to call (still to be filed).

  • The People motioned to exclude the testimony of one of the witnesses, an expert testimony, because no discovery had been filed by the Defense. The judge requested the discovery to be filed.


  • The question of allowing photos into evidence was discussed, with a question of relevancy and mention of any photos would need to be shared without sensationalizing (tabled for the time).

  • The transcript of the 911 call will be allowed with any personal information muted

  • Transcripts/body cams from the arrest were discussed with some conversation about admissibility of some items (tabled for the time and judge will be doing some research in this area to make a final ruling).

The final decisions on the matter regarding photos and a small portion of the transcript following the arrest will be made at the August 13 hearing.

Butte County Courtroom

  • The courtroom will be open to the public. There are approximately 61 seats.

  • The trial will not be streamed; no recordings or photographs of any kind will be permitted.

  • Transcripts will be made available.

Current COVID-19 Safety Requirements

  • Masks are required for everyone.

  • Physical distancing is not being mandated.

Next dates:

8/13/21 - Trial readiness conference at Butte County Superior Courthouse

8/16/21 – Jury trial slated to begin at Butte County Superior Courthouse

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