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Addison Was a No Show This Morning

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Neither the defendant or her lawyer appeared for the arraignment on the information this morning. The judge decided to reschedule for three weeks out and try again.

What is an arraignment on the information? I'm far from an expert, but as I understand it, it happens once the preliminary hearing is complete and the defendant is held to answer on a felony charge. In other words, to enter their plea again and set trial dates if they plead not guilty.This is supposed to happen 15 days following the conclusion of the preliminary hearing. Addison's preliminary hearing concluded on May 7, and she was held over on all charges.

Here's a rundown of what happened today:

The arraignment on the information was scheduled for this morning at 9:00 am. At about 9:40 am, a Mr. Vasquez appeared on the behalf of the defense attorney, Mr. Marquez. He explained the defendant had retained Mr. Marquez through the preliminary hearings, but she hadn't yet been able to retain him for trial, nor had she made arrangements for a public defender, so she had no representation. Mr. Vasquez offered that the defense would like to seek a six-week extension so the defendant could retain her lawyer. The judge, and The People, thought this a long time. The People requested any delay not extend beyond 15 days.

The judge then requested to continue at 1:30 pm with Mr. Marquez and/or the defendant and a public defender present. Mr. Marquez appeared in court and explained he expected to be retained and there was a lot of prep still to do. The judge said she was inclined to push this 15 days, but no longer. However, upon looking at her calendar, she was not available until three weeks out, on July 13.

The People have stated they expect to set trial dates that day. The judge also explicitly required Addison to be present.

So, July 13 at 9:00 am. That is when we try again.

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