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7/23 9am Trial Readiness Conference

The Trial Readiness Conference (TRC) is scheduled for Friday, July 23rd at 9am. This readiness conference will be at the Sutter Count Court House.

At a Trial Readiness Conference, the court would typically discuss preparations for trial and hear any motions, for example, about what evidence would be allowed in at trial. There are currently no motions filed. The judge's instructions when this TRC was scheduled was that motions should be filed with the court by Monday, July 19th.

The schedule can be confirmed the week of the TRC by viewing the court calendar online:

The following court date is 8/13/21 at 8:30 am, for further proceedings. This court session is planned for Butte County Court House, and this will be the time that the court confirms that Butte County can conduct the Trial beginning on 8/16/21.

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